PSP Go Now $199 In U.S.

The PSP Go’s much-maligned introductory price is history. No longer will you have to cough up $249 for the UMD-less version of Sony’s handheld. Starting today $199 will get you a Go. This price drop coincides with similar announcements for other regions, with the PSP Go in Japan now retailing for ¥16,800 ($208), down from its original price of ¥26,800 ($332). November 1st the U.K. will follow suit with a price drop to £159.

So, is the Go’s more portable form factor and “game jukebox” feel worth losing the UMD slot and access to some PSP games, like the latest Kingdom Hearts? This is still a question those interested in the Go have to answer, but with this price drop Sony is giving fans a reason to give the Go a second look.

Written by Justin Spielmann

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  • Anonymous

    It’s great that they dropped the price, but it still seems expensive. lol I guess Sony can’t win.

  • Anonymous

    I like my go, but i wouldn’t buy one even at $200 (A$300) now. I just really hope the PSP2 has trophy intergration and phone capability.

  • madeup6

    I’m waiting for the PSP2.

  • Well I don’t think its worth it just because Sony might make an announcement next year for PSP 2. It would be a waste to buy this then here the PSP 2 announce.

  • Anonymous

    I’m running into the problem of having more downloadable PSP games, thanks to the reduced price section of the PSN Store, and only a few 2 Gb memory sticks for my PSP 1000. The solution I may opt for when I decide to upgrade my PSP is pick up a 3000 for $160 and a 16 Gb Memory Stick for $50. For $10 more than the reduced price of the Go I could have the same storage capacity and the ability to play UMDs. The form factor of the Go is cool and all but I can’t ignore my shelf of UMDs.