Killzone 3 Beta – “The Dam” HD Gameplay Video

The 3rd map is also the most complex, with a variety of landscapes at your disposal. On one side is an industrial complex, with claustrophobic hallways and treacherous catwalks. On the other side is a vast open area, with buildings lining the perimeter, all at the base of a large dam. All of the buildings are connected, and many have multiple floors and complex architecture. No matter what your preferred play-style is, this map will cater to it. Snipers will love the open area by the dam, while Infiltrators and Tacticians will thrive in the winding hallways. Engineers that have upgraded their abilities will find solace in the fact that their turrets will be incredibly effective, no matter what section they’re in. Even with the larger size, the action can get very intense, with huge firefights taking-place at entrance points and in the cramped hallways. Just don’t let the snow-blindness get to you!

The next video may be delayed, since we’ll be recording a Podcast tonight! 😉


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