Sly Collection Release Date Announced

Sly Cooper and friends return in just a few short weeks.  Sanzaru Games (the company responsible for bringing Sucker Punch’s wonderful classic games to the PS3) has announced that the Sly Collection will be released to retailers on November 9th.

Much like the God of War and upcoming Shadow of the Colossus Collection, Sly’s Collection disc contains more than just a direct copy of the PlayStation 2 trilogy.  Not only have the three games been upgraded for HD and 16:9 resolution, but they have also been given stereoscopic 3D support.

On top of this, Sanzaru Games has added Move support in the form of 4 minigames (one for each hero of the game, including Carmelita).

At $39.99, this is quite a value for Sly Cooper fans.  Look for it in two short weeks.

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