James Bond 007: Blood Stone Spies Its Way Onto PS3

Regardless of what gaming console flag you follow, chances are that at some point you have spent time with GoldenEye 007 on Nintendo 64.  Before trophies and 256 Player online fragfests, you were sneaking remote mines into the restroom stall in order to obliterate your buddy  (who was sitting right next to you with a controller) as he tried to get to the Golden Gun that could kill you in one shot.
Recently, Activision announced that said game would be coming exclusively to the Nintendo Wii.  But PS3 owners would not be completely denied the Bond experience, as James Bond 007: Blood Stone was announced for the PS3, complete with a 16-player mode.  Blood Stone tells an original story penned by Bond writer, Bruce Feirstein, and promises the same action, adventure, and tech that gamers (and Bond fans alike) have come to expect from the series.  Blood Stone ditches the first-person mode from other Bond games in favor of a third-person play mechanic that delivers a cover system as as well as a cinematic hand-to-hand combat that looks pretty amazing in action and captures the grittier feel to the recent Bond movies.  In addition to this, Blood Stone provides blood-pumping driving sequences that visually compliment the on-foot action.  With games like Uncharted putting players deeper into the game than ever before, this move will definitely compliment 007’s movie-like experience.

Look for the game this week and keep your ears on the PSNation Podcast for a future review.

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