NBA JAM Politicians Video Revealed

Would a video showing your favorite politician taking it to the court help sway your voting decision?  No?  But would it raise your excitement for NBA JAM?  Quite possibly.  You be the judge.  And don’t forget to tune into the PSNation Podcast’s new episode this week (Episode 189) for an exclusive interview with Producer, Trey Smith.

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  • damn, at first I thought this game was lame without seeing anything about it, but after watching the game looks awesome. I hate sports games, but the funny, cartoonish aspect to it makes it look more enjoyable.

  • OMG this game is way better then i thought and DLC will only add to the fun. I now am a believer in great sports games like this . Now how about a baseball or football game like this. Sorry Madden Arcade last year failed in all aspects and was boooorrriinnnngg.


  • Anonymous

    Hopefully they kept the controls super simple as I just played this again on the genesis and man was so easy to get back into! Can’t wait for the HD upgrade!

  • God I hope they do a NFL Blitz 2001 HD remake. That game is still awesome!

    • Good call! I’d be all over that having played the heck out of 2000 on the N64 and the arcade cabinet around that same timeframe.

      • Using my evil Jedi powers on EA Sports…” You want to make more remakes on games. If you create them people will buy them..Go my minions and create NFL Blitz 2000 and 20001 HD on same disc.”