Eat Them! Brings Monster Mayhem In 2011

There’s a reason why we fed quarters to arcade machines like Rampage back in the 80’s.  There’s a reason why games like War of the Monsters on PlayStation 2 are considered cult classics, and games like R.A.D. (Robot Alchemic Drive) are difficult to find at your local used game store.  There’s even a reason why the original Red Faction garnered so much attention when it was announced years ago.   Sure, we we enjoy being the hero and saving princesses who wouldn’t otherwise give us the time of day.  But some of the best times in video games are had when the virtual structures, painstakingly created by game artists, can be reduced to virtual dust.  The games listed above allowed the players to flatten an entire city, or in the case of Red Faction, blow up almost any wall in the game’s environment.  Who cares about the story (I’m talking to you, R.A.D) or the morality of your actions, this was your time as a player to unwind and wreck havoc upon fleeing civilians of unnamed cities.  This was your time to let Godzilla know that the time of the rubber suit was over and a new age of your “monster of choice” was at hand.  But it was always someone else’s monster: someone else’s creation that you borrowed when you played Rampage or War of the Monsters.

Eat Them! looks to change that next year when it’s released on PSN.  Bred from the love of rubber suit monster movies and 1950’s horror classics, the team at Fluffy Logic (developers of the Savage Moon games for PlayStation 3 and PSP) have taken it upon themselves to give you one awesome monster mayhem video game.  Not only will the game allow you to create your own abomination of humanity, but it also comes packaged with what made games like Rampage so much fun…Split Screen Co-op mode.  That’s right: pizza, Mountain Dew, your best buddy, and a entire city to destroy.

Visually, Eat Them! looks the part, with a strong comic book style that is reminiscent of the old monster comic book from half a century ago.

We’ll have more on Eat Them! as it develops, so keep an eye on the website, and tune into the PSNation Podcast.

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