Angry Birds is Coming to PSN

For those with iPhones one game has taken over your spare moments like few others, Angry Birds. Now, the Sony faithful can have this time evaporating experience for themselves as Pocket Gamer announced today that Angry Birds will be coming to the PSN. While previous reports announced that Angry Birds had been visually optimized for the PSPGo, Rovio CEO Peter Vesterbacka finally confirmed the title would be coming to PSN. Vesterbacka included this in a speech at the Social Gaming Summit in London. He also let slip about future projects, including an upcoming game where you play from the perspective of the pigs. It has been previously suggested that the title will end up being a PlayStation mini, and thus playable both on PS3 and PSP, but this was not confirmed in Vesterbacka’s comments. No release window for the title has been announced.

My advice, start enjoying your idle moments, such as waiting for a bus or daydreaming while your Starbucks order is prepared, because once Angry Birds hits you simply won’t have them anymore. Kiss your free time goodbye and submit to the juggernaut.

Written by Justin Spielmann

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