ZeniMax Media Inc Continues Acquisitions With MachineGames

First, Shinji Makami and Tango Gameworks, today, MachineGames, and tomorrow the world! This seems to be ZeniMax Media’s mantra as they continue to acquire studios to add to their already impressive lineup of Bethesda Softworks, id Software and Arkane Studios. ZeniMax announced yesterday that they have acquired MachineGames. Started in 2009 by the founders of Starbreeze Stuidios, known for The Chronicles of Riddick and The Darkness, MachineGames is now working on an upcoming game for Bethesda Softworks. Few details about this unnamed title were announced other than it will be using the id Tech 5 engine and that Jerk Gustafsson, the CEO of MachineGames, will now oversee development as the executive producer. Gustafsson seemed very pleased with the transition saying, “MachineGames has assembled a dedicated team that has extensive experience working together to produce quality games. We are excited to create a new AAA title for gamers on id Tech 5 that will push the game development envelope.”

For those keeping track the minds behind Resident Evil (Tango Gameworks), Fallout 3 (Bethesda), Chronicles of Riddick (MachineGames), BioShock 2 (Arkane), and the Quake series (id) are now all under the same corporate banner. Get ready to pledge allegiance to the newest development powerhouse.

Written by Justin Spielmann

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