New Release Date And Features Announced For Auditorium

The award winning music/puzzle game Auditorium, published by Zoo Games, is poised to hit the PSN on November 23, retailing for $9.99, and promises to pack a ton of newly announced content and features. Originally an online and iPhone game, developed by Cipher Prime, the version coming to the PSN makes the most of Sony’s console with twice the content, 3D support, and PlayStation Move capability.

Auditorium has the player guide a constant stream of moving light and sound particles called the Flow. Manipulating the Flow creates harmonies via Audio Containers, which builds into an orchestrated soundtrack.

In addition to Auditorium Classic, which contains the original games 72 levels, comes Auditorium Modern. Exclusive to the PSN, this new mode adds 78 levels, more than doubling the amount of puzzles. Other additions to the PSN version include subtle, stereoscopic 3D support and the ability to use a single Playstation Move controller to manipulate the Flow. If you want to stick to your trusty Dual Shock 3 the Flow can also be controlled using the left analog stick and shoulder buttons.

For additional screenshots check out the gallery posted with our first look at the game.

With Angry Birds and now this improved version of Auditorium it looks like the PSN will become a new home for remastered iPhone games. If future titles follow in Auditorium’s footsteps, by expanding content and adding features, then bring them on.

Written by Justin Spielmann

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