Hydravision Announces Funky Lab Rat for PS3

The concept of time-manipulation is not foreign to gamers.  We’ve been Marty Mcflyin’ our way through Prince of Persia games and, especially this generation, compensating for our mistakes almost immediately after making them.

Funky Lab Rat introduces Diego.  A lab rat that discovers that he has the ability to also manipulate time.  But Diego’s abilities aren’t as limited as Blinx the cat’s time reversing powers.  In order to escape captivity, Diego employs some other interesting strengths.  In the words of Hydravision, the challenge of Funky Lab Rat is, “Stop time, organize, synchronize, and re-start time!”  And judging from the trailer video, that’s exactly what you’ll be doing.

Funky Lab Rat appears to combine the level-manipulation control mechanics of a game like Little Big Planet with traditional platforming, and not only will you be pausing and rewinding time, but you will also be manipulating objects around you in order to complete each challenge.  The game will be exclusive to PlayStation 3 and will support both Move and Dualshock controls.

It certainly seems that the advent of digital distribution in the console world has been opening the doors to a healthy number of clever puzzle games, and Funky Lab Rat might fall into the category of games that take the puzzle genre in a direction seldom visited.

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