Latest Deus Ex Gameplay Trailer: It’s More Than Just Elbow Swords

A little under two minutes from start to finish doesn’t seem like a lot of time. However, Square Enix and Eidos Montreal were able to pack a bevy of tantalizing gameplay hints into such a small timeframe in the latest Deus Ex: Human Revolution trailer.

You, as Adam Jensen, the game’s protagonist, are set to the task of infiltrating a secure building, breaking into a computer in the penthouse office, and getting out of there with your head still firmly attached to your shoulders. From a first person perspective you manipulate objects, travel through the buildings ductwork, and silently dispatch a handful of unaware guards. Obviously a showcase for the stealth gameplay, but once you reach the penthouse things get a bit trickier. You begin to hack a computer, by playing a minigame from the looks of it, until you are rudely interrupted, just as you finish, by the security detail. Now all hell breaks loose. Wild fire from your weapons, telekinetically thrown objects, an expanding forcefield, and those iconic elbow-mounted blades all serve to remove the security detail as swiftly as it arrived. Along the way viewers are also treated to your skill screen, which looks to have dozens of slots, and a weapon modification menu that lets you combine various weapons to create unique instruments of destruction.

The trailer shows off the classic Deus Ex gameplay edict of “you know best” and lets you tackle situations as you see fit, whether through stealth or bullet blazing fury. If the trailer gets you excited, don’t worry, Human Revolution is slated for release in “early 2011.” I think I just found one of my new year’s resolutions.

Written by Justin Spielmann

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