Arc The Lad II And Arc Arena Coming To PSN Tomorrow

During the early days of the PlayStation One, gamers hoping for a Role Playing game on their CD-powered console were left with very few choices…one of which was Beyond the Beyond (Yeah, remember that one?).  Meanwhile, you favorite gaming magazine was showing pictures of great-looking games that would never leave the shores of Japan.  One such coveted series was Arc the Lad.  With graphics reminiscent of the 16-bit games of the time (but with the added color depth and detail that the PlayStation could provide), the game seemed like a surefire candidate for migration to our shores.  Unfortunately, RPGs came and went, and still Arc the Lad was never ported over, even after Japan had received two sequels to the RPG/Strategy series.

Then came Victor Ireland.  Always one to take on those “games that no one had enough faith in to relocate,” Ireland brought the entire Arc trilogy over to the PlayStation One in 2005, in a beautifully-packaged collection set, that not only included the trilogy, but also the standalone Arc Arena game that allowed players to use creatures collected in Arc the Lad 2, and battle them against each other.

While the collection can still be found online, the price spike alone is enough reason to rejoice for tomorrow’s release of Arc the Lad 2 and Arc Arena in the PSN store.  MonkeyPaw will be releasing the games individually, as well as a bundle containing both titles.

While the game remains a tactical RPG at its core (Shining Force, Final Fantasy Tactics), Arc the Lad 2 advanced the series with a world map and the ability to take on multiple missions via the hunters guild, which made for a less-linear experience.    Without a doubt, the Arc series is worth a look, especially at the discounted price through the PSN store.  Since the game was originally developed for PlayStation One, expect the game to be fully playable on your PS3, as well as your PSP.

Arc the Lad 2 and Arc Arena will be available tomorrow alongside the PSN regular Tuesday update.

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