GT5 – If a Picture is Worth 1000 Words…

GT5 (B)

This is from my first night of gameplay in Gran Turismo 5. Enjoy!

*Note* These aren’t taken in Photo Mode, they’re taken on-the-fly in 720p. Also, these are compressed as .jpg’s from the original .tga files, so some clarity etc is lost*

Written by Glenn Percival

Glenn Percival

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  • That’s awesome.. Can’t wait! Only one day left 😀 This game is so realistic:) Been a fan since the first game:) My father died the year before GT4 came (2004), and a month ago I got a tattoo on my arm, with the GT logo and his name, as a tribute to both my dad and mr. Kaz. Yamauchi 🙂

  • That Skyline you’re driving around in looks SICK!

  • Got the game today. Christmas is canceled.

  • Anonymous

    How goes the review?

  • Anonymous

    First impressions:

    Frame rate isn’t stable, screen tearing is pretty noticeable, TBH, forza looks better. However, the gameplay and the selection of cars is unmatched and the weather effects are nothing short of astounding. Hope they can patch it and make it a bit more stable, either way, I’m freakin’ loving this game.