Spelunker Digs Its Way Onto The PlayStation Store Today

With classic roots dating all the way back to 1983, Spelunker HD is a reimagining of the classic digging and exploring game.  With the simple goal of finding an ancient statue deep within a treacherous cave (only to open the way to an even more dangerous cavern), the “hero” of Spelunker reluctantly digs, explodes, and maneuvers his way through challenging areas that put your skills to the test.

With such a dangerous terrain to navigate and explore, one would think that our “hero” is well-equipped to handle the task at hand.  While our Spelunker has all the necessary tools to keep him going down in the dark, he himself is an absolute weakling.

As Sheila Boughten, president of Tozai Games, puts it, “The character is ridiculously weak and there are a thousand ways to die, but that’s what makes it so fun and so rewarding when you complete a level.”

I’m sure it wouldn’t be nearly as entertaining to plow through these levels as a Space Marine, and Nathan Drake would probably just complain through the whole ordeal.  But this little explorer simply takes it in strides and dies in every way possible.

But you don’t always have to brave the darkness alone, as Spelunker HD also brings some serious multiplayer into the mix, with up to six players working cooperatively (or against each other) to navigate the deep mines.

And for those of you who may have enjoyed the original experience that was the classic Spelunker, the game will also include a retro mode, where you can explore the entire game in the classic 8-bit style.

Spelunker HD launches today on the PlayStation Network for $9.99.

It is definitely worth checking out the game’s website.  It includes, not only some info on the game itself, but also some great historical bits and a cool example of the Spelunker comics, and even a Spelunker 3D Dot Game Heroes nod.


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