Kung-Fu LIVE Punches Its Way To Your Home, December 7th

It looks silly, and the developers know it: even so much as to promote it as silly with their hilarious trailers.  But one can’t deny that the tech behind Kung-Fu LIVE is really cool, even if it makes you look goofy.  For lack of better terms, the game “keys” you out of your surroundings and places you in a kung-fu video game where your fighting moves are your own, and game’s story is your own (yes, you are even represented in the comic-styled cinematics).

But the fun isn’t limited to only one player.  Have your buddies grab up to four PlayStation Dualshock 3 controllers and challenge you (they control the enemies, while you go wild in the living room trying to take them out).  Let’s see if the old “I could kick his butt if I was there” proves to be true.

Virtual Air Guitar Company Ltd. will be releasing the game Decembver 7th and gave us a fantastic and hilarious new trailer to get you ready to lose some of those Holiday pounds.

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