Show Love To Your Local Record Store And Get A Free Rock Band Track

I’m sure your head is already swimming with the various Black Friday deals being bandied about, all over every form of media. In addition to spending the day after Thanksgiving shelling out a ton of money to grab gifts for all your friends, relatives, and assorted acquaintances why don’t you pick up something for yourself.

By a cosmic coincidence Black Friday is also Record Store Day. If you grab a record or CD of any kind from a participating record store you will get a free download code for “Roadhouse Blues” by the Doors for use in Rock Band 3! A complete list of participating stores is available here.

So after you’ve shoved your fellow human beings around to grab a 50% off hunk of plastic for your incessantly screaming nieces and nephews, take some time for yourself on Friday. Go to your local music shop, grab a copy of your favorite album, and score some free classic rock DLC for your trouble.

Written by Justin Spielmann

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