I Must Run Teaser Revealed

PlayStation minis games can be a gamble.  Sure, most minis don’t exceed the realm of 3-5 bucks.  But even so, you are sometimes gambling your money on a game based on a written description, since the PlayStation store doesn’t provides demos, or rarely a trailer, for their bite-sized games.  This can make minis into a purchase of faith, and unfortunately, this can usually lead to disappointment.  After all, five bucks is still five bucks, and one-third the price for a full game like Dead Nation.

On the other hand, a handful of minis do deliver on some fun gameplay and presentation, especially given their budget price.  So, in a perfect world we would be allowed to play these games before buying them.  I Must Run, by Gamelion Studios gives us that in the form of a PC demo that interested gamers can try before they invest their Happy Meal money on the full game.

While not much is known about the game’s genre or gameplay, the motion comic trailer reveals a Sin City-inspired tale of a marine who was imprisoned for killing the mayor’s son.  While taken at face value, this act alone should have been enough to convict the marine, the truth is that he was only acting in defense, as his wife was being threatened by the little punk who fell on his own knife during the struggle.

Things get more complicated as the daily visits from his wife suddenly stop, and he receives a mysterious letter stating that if he does not meet a certain person at a certain spot, at a certain time, they will kill his wife.  And this brings us to the title of the game:  I Must Run.  The game will be coming to PSN in December along with a playable demo that will be available on the PC.  Hopefully, this eventually becomes a standard for minis in particular.  Check out the trailer to I Must Run.

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