Uncharted 3…

With Naughty Dog’s Uncharted series, it’s never been about hype, although one would be forgiven for believing this to be the case, as excitement usually surrounds any type of announcement relating to the series (even the less-favorable announcements, such as Marky Mark playing Nathan Drake in the upcoming Uncharted movie).  With Naughty Dog’s Uncharted series it’s been about a delivery record that spans not only the treasure-hunting series itself, but the company’s previous games.  Naughty Dog knows how to deliver a great game.

So with this knowledge, it didn’t take much to get exited over the official announcement for Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception.  And with that excitement comes the comforting thought that this is not hype, and Naughty Dog will more than likely deliver another amazing adventure, starring Nathan Drake and whomever gets lucky/unlucky enough to embark on it with him, though official word already has Victor Sullivan joining in the Arabian adventure, right along side Nate.  After all, any chance of profit on Drake’s part is equally beneficial to Victor Sullivan.

Yes, Naughty Dog has revealed that Uncharted 3 will have a lot of sand, and in the same manner as they pushed the element of snow to graphical beauty with Uncharted 2, sand will take environmental center stage this time around.  But the search for the fabled “Atlantis of Sands” will not only take place in the Arabian desert.  Uncharted 3 follows Nate through a gripping, action-packed storyline that will take him all over the world.  The secrets of the lost city bring about with them circumstances that force Drake into a struggle for survival, and he will confront his deepest fears.

Competitive and co-op multiplayer will once again return, promising some great times after you are done with the single player campaign, and fortunately, Uncharted 2’s single player aspect did not suffer in the least with the addition of a multiplayer component.

Finally, Uncharted 3 will be available in high-resolution stereoscopic 3D.  Much like Gran Turismo 5 and Killzone 3, this might be one of the games that truly shines in 3D.

Expect coverage of Uncharted 3 in the PS Nation podcast, and feast your eyes on the teaser.

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