Mass Effect 2 On PS3 Is The Definitive Version

Mass Effect is coming to PlayStation 3.  That alone should be reason to celebrate.  But given the history of “ported” games over the span of this generation, one could understand the worry that PS3 owners might have over anything being ported from the Xbox 360 over to the PS3.  Fortunately, the folks at Bioware care enough about Mass Effect 2’s migration to the PS3 that they have not only made it a perfect port, but they have taken it a step further and utilized the engine from the upcoming Mass Effect 3 (also slated to be released on the PS3), to make Mass Effect 2 shine on the PS3 like never before.  The videos circulating around the web indicate a stronger use of shadows and lighting on the character models.  This will all be packaged, along with all of the previously-released DLC from the 360 game, into one shiny blu-ray disc (that’s right, no disc-swapping with the PS3 version).

Mass Effect 2 will come packaged with an interactive digital comic book that will cover the events from Mass Effect 1.  Making decisions within this comic will have an effect on certain story-elements in Mass Effect 2.  Since Mass Effect 1 will never come to PS3, this is not only a good way for players to get caught up on the story, but also give them the opportunities to affect events that play a major role in the second game.

Check out what Bioware has to say about the PlayStation 3 version of Mass Effect 2.

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