2010 Golden Minecart Awards – Community Vote

As the year draws to a close we ponder our favorite videogames of 2010.  Of course Mark crowned Bayonetta very early in the year so should we even bother with these proceedings or have other games come out since that are also worthy of game of the year considerations? Josh would argue that Just Cause 2 should be considered and I of course want Joe Danger in the discussion.

What were your favorites from 2010? PS Nation is preparing our Golden Minecart awards and would like your input. Please let us know which games deserve this highly sought after honor by choosing some winners in the categories below.

You can vote once per day and you have until the end of 2010 to do so. Polls will then be closed and the results tallied. All results will be shared in early 2011 both on the podcast and on the PS Nation website.

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  • Looking forward to the results.


    • as much I love that game too (assuming you’re not being sarcastic) Fallout & FFXIII are pretty hard to beat.

  • Anonymous

    Just Cause 2 GOTY!!!

  • *whew that was exhausting, The PS3 Best Overall and New Feature were hard.

  • GT5 – GOTY. Yeah, that’s right! A racer!

  • Can’t wait for the results, should be interesting

  • Anonymous

    I didn’t see Quantum Theory on any of those polls – what’s the deal? It couldn’t have been that bad, could it?

  • Wish we could’ve had a few more categories. 2010 wasn’t quite as strong as 2009 (which brought us U2, Batman, AC2, etc) or as good as 2011 appears to be shaping up to be, but there were still a truck load of great games that deserved acknowledgment.

    What about a category for OPEN WORLD adventures to split titles like Red Dead and Just Cause 2 out from the other Action-Adventure games.

    And there were so many solid Racers this year, it would’ve been nice to see two categories for SIM RACERS (GT5, Moto GP) and ARCADE/CART RACERS (Hot Pursuit, Split/Second, MNR).

    And I would’ve liked an award for BEST DLC PACK/EXPANSION. There were outstanding additions to BC2, Borderlands, Red Dead, and others.

    PSN – skidoodoo

  • What about most Under-rated / Under the Radar / Overlooked AND most Over-rated / Over-hyped?

    Marketing is such a huge deal these days – in both positive and negative ways. Games are rushed out in order to hit certain sales windows and don’t live up to their potential. On the other hand, companies throw ridiculous money behind some releases (Kinect anyone?) that are just plain lousy. Then you have some games that are attached to certain licenses (Epic Mickey, Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions) that would’ve reviewed much more accurately mediocre if not for their market budgets and name cache.

    I’d also like to hear you guys comment in the podcast on your biggest surprises of the year. What game did you expect little of that pleasantly surprised you with how much you enjoyed it? Personally, I didn’t expect Darksiders to be a weak game, but I enjoyed it so much more than I expected. It was really quite good. To all those folks who say it’s a God of War rip, I have to say, Darksiders held my attention through to completion so much better than GOW3 or the GOW collection. But that’s just me.

  • did skidoodoo used to write on this blog? coz he’s got a lot to say 😛

  • Anonymous

    wow, that was harder then I thought. That’s the problem with being a bargain gamer, all my favourite games for this year were released last year!

  • When you look at it, it wasn’t an amazing year for gaming really.
    Next year though? Holy cow.
    Next year looks to be an unbelievable year, not just for PS3 exclusives, but for multiplatform games too.

  • COME ON….You can’t put MLB in the overall category then not include Fifa!!