DC Universe Online Release Date Announced

PlayStation Plus members, who have been running at lightning speed through Metropolis, or hooking up with The Joker in Gotham (in the DC Universe Online beta), need not wait long to be able to do this with their permanent characters, as SOE has announced the release date for DC Universe Online.

DC Universe Online will be released on January 11th, 2011.  That’s only a few weeks away.  Unfortunately (and understandably) people currently playing in the beta will lose their current characters, but it will give everyone a fair start.

I’ve spent some time with the beta, both on PC and PlayStation 3, and have found that, aside from a few glitches that will hopefully be fixed before release, the game is very entertaining and balanced.  More importantly, I have never felt the game forced me to play for hours to keep up with my friends, as EXP is mainly given out for completing capers and not for grinding hours into the night.  This is important, as January is already packed with some big-named titles.

DC Universe Online will be here before The Flash can run around your high-school track.

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