‘Kung-Fu LIVE’ Will Make You A Star!

…because let’s face it:  If you bought Kung-Fu LIVE, it’s all about you.  It’s your face (your entire body) on the screen sending thugs straight to hell.  So what better way to immortalize yourself than with Kung-Fu LIVE’s YouTube campaign?  Sure, you could simply post videos on your personal YouTube page.  You could do that.  But odds are that you will have a better chance of being respected and honored by joining the elite who have already posted their videos on www.kungfulivegame.com/youtube.

Because, not only will you be able to share your amazing technique and mastership of the fine arts of Kung-Fu with others like you, but by simply submitting your video, you will also be eligible for greatness, as every week players and viewers will vote for their favorite videos on the site, and the winners will receive free prizes (because paid-for prizes aren’t prizes) and goodies.

Kung-Fu LIVE was released on PSN a few weeks ago, and developer Virtual Air Guitar Company stated from the start that the game was about fun and cheesy Kung-Fu action.  Utilizing the PSEye, the game removes you from your background and adds you into the action on the screen.  These are not screen-grabs of you kicking or punching, rather your actual motion, that determines whether or not you will survive the challenges that lay ahead of you.   I’ve gone a few rounds with the game, and without a doubt, you will get a workout (but the kind that doesn’t bore you or berate you for not doing it every day).  Your blood on the street is the only indicator that you need to try harder.

Players interested in submitting their videos can email their YouTube entries to [email protected]

Expect a full review to Kung-Fu LIVE soon.

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