Dungeons and Dragons Returns To PlayStation

You turn the corner of the dark dungeon to find yourself in the same situation you have found yourself in hundreds of times before.  Another dead end.  You can hear the sound of a dozen or more kobolds coming down the halls behind you.  They squeal with a thirst for blood that only you dead carcass can quench.  It’s only a matter of time before you meet your end in some horrific way that even the history books will have to sensor.  But just as all hope is lost, (pause for a role of the dice) the moist wall blocking your path slides away and reveals twelve half-naked female elves, who beckon for you to enter their domain and save you from your utter demise.  Long live Dungeons and Dragons.

While it hasn’t always transitioned into the video-game realm as smoothly as other names in the fantasy genre, Dungeons and Dragons will always be Dungeons and Dragons.  And even if you find yourself completely disinterested after giving it a glance, you will always still give a glance when a new Dungeons and Dragons game is revealed.

The last game that bore the D&D title on a PlayStation system was the PSP game Dungeons and Dragons Tactics, and while most gamers overlooked it in favor of games like Final Fantasy Tactics, the few people who did adopt it found a certain familiarity in rules and play mechanics that echoed back to the days of playing Pools of Radiance on your Commodore 64.

Now, Atari has revealed Dungeons and Dragons: Daggerdale.  Coming to the PlayStation store in early 2011, Daggerdale takes the Dungeons and Dragons game into the hack-and-slash realm, utilizing the D&D 4th Edition rules as a foundation to the guts that will make it run.  Of course, since the game is action in nature, the math will be done under the hood and away from from your eyes, letting you focus on killing skeletons.

One area that should be of interest to old Dungeons and Dragons pencil and paper fans is the notion that Daggerdale will be a part of an episodic series of games, much like the old modules books from the dice-rolling days.

It’s been a while since we’ve received a good hack-and-slash fantasy game, and who knows if we’ll ever see another Champions of Norrath. So here’s to hoping that this game will make rescuing wenches and trying to create Drizzt Do’ Urden out of a half-elf template, worthwhile.

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