EA Reveals Fight Night Championship’s Champion Mode Trailer

Let’s get this out of the way.  I’m not much of a boxing game fan.  I prefer tweaking stats on my elf, or blasting aliens in retaliation for the damage they have caused to Earth.  So for me to say that the Fight Night Championship trailer that EA revealed today made me consider buying my first boxing game (since King Hippo ate me for lunch) says a lot about the contents of the promotional video.

I wasn’t watching another video highlighting the new control scheme or graphic engine (although the gameplay seems to have been organically cut into the trailer).  Instead, I was watching a narrative about Andre Bishop and his path to becoming a champion.  And I’m not referring to clips of Andre jogging while his coach keeps up in a bicycle.  The Champion Mode promises to take the story-telling of a sports game to Balboa proportions, and it made this Mass Effect-loving nerd realize that they have evolved quite a bit.

As with any title, story will only take a game so far (otherwise a lot of movie games might be amazing), but in the case of the Fight Night series, EA seems to have honed their ability to deliver an amazing boxing experience, and the Champion Mode highlighted here will only make that experience an even more personal and emotional one.

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