Orb Networks Announces New Internet TV Software for PS3

I’ve been using Orb for quite some time now.  While there are other application that provide you access to your music, photos, and videos wherever you are (via your smartphone), Orb stood out because it worked well with the PlayStation 3.  Although you could access the videos stored on your computer with a media server, some videos had unrecognizable codecs, so the PlayStation 3 could not play them.  Orb allowed for most videos to play, regardless of the encoding.

Now, Orb Networks has announced a new software that works with internet-ready blu-ray players, and of course, the PlayStation 3.  Through the information gathered from the announcement, it sounds like Orb BR will provide you a centralized hub for accessing internet videos across the board.  Anything from Hulu, HuluPlus, Comedy Central and more.  Orb BR also provides access to Netflix, Amazon on Demand, and YouTube, in addition to the previously-available access to videos and photos stored on your personal computer.  Basically, this gives your PS3 and HDTV the functionality of something like Google TV.

As Orb Networks puts it:

To help consumers easily find and watch their favorite shows, the Orb controller app features a powerful and easy-to-use global index of TV shows.  Consumers can type in the name of the show they want and then Orb quickly finds the show, without requiring the user to specify its source (e.g. Hulu, ABC, CBS, etc).

To set up Orb BR, consumers simply insert the Orb BR software CD into their Blu-ray player, download the free Orb Caster software to their PC or Mac, and then download the free Orb controller app to their smartphone.

Orb BR availability is planned for late February, and can be ordered online at orb.com for a price of $19.99

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