Mike Haggar and Phoenix Revealed in Marvel vs. Capcom 3

Even with the February 15th release of Marvel vs. Capcom 3 on the horizon Capcom is still revealing new fighters. The latest are Mike Haggar, the brawny, former mayor of Metro City from the Final Fight series, and Phoenix, the classic X-men hero (and occasional planet destroying villain) at the center of some of the most iconic X-men storylines.

A brief trailer provides a cross section of both characters moves and each of their three hyper combos.

Mike Haggar, as a former wrestler, has a moveset based around close quarters striking and throws. He is able to bust out huge punches, devastating backdrops, and massive pile drivers to hammer on your opponent’s life bar. True to his Final Fight roots he will even clobber unsuspecting foes with a chunk of lead pipe. As expected he does not appear to possess any projectile attacks. Haggar’s three hyper combos are an epic body splash with a significant range, a series of rapid-fire punches with an ax handle for a coup de grace, and, most impressively, a backdrop to giant swing to pile driver sequence. These techniques should be than enough to bury most opponents who wander too close to Mayor Mike.

In contrast to Haggar’s close range focus, Phoenix is all about projectiles and whittling down your opponent. Phoenix is a force to be reckoned with as she teleports around her foes and fires a variety of projectiles. Most interestingly is her delayed projectile, which stays in place as a phoenix symbol then races straight across the screen. It’s unclear from the trailer whether this delay is standard or the projectile is set off by player input, but certainly a good way to mix up your fireball strategy. For her hyper combos Phoenix has a manifestation of the Phoenix Force that races horizontally across the screen, a healing sphere, which rapidly regeneartes a portion of her health bar, and the ability to turn into the Dark Phoenix. That’s right the world destroyer herself shows up, in what is possibly the best implementation of a character concept I’ve ever seen in a fighting game. From the trailer it appears if you have a full hyper bar and Phoenix is KO’d she transforms. As the Dark Phoenix her health bar goes back to maximum, but slowly diminishes, and your power increases, i.e., paired projectiles instead of single shots, giving you one final chance to destroy your opponent.

After the Valentine’s Day candy is gone remember to head out on February 15th and pick up Marvel vs. Capcom 3. With the roster announced so far there are enough unique mechanics and colorful characters to satisfy any fighting fan.

Written by Justin Spielmann

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