New Hard Corps: Uprising Screenshots, Release Date, And Price

For those unfamiliar with Hard Corp: Uprising let me tell you a little story about a game called Contra: Hard Corps. It was the first installment in the Contra series not released on a Nintendo platform and offered branching progress through the game, a very big deal back in 1994. Now in a few short weeks, on February 16, 2011, the long awaited follow up, a prequel titled Hard Corp: Uprising, will be hitting your PSN for $15 thanks to Konami and developers Arc System Works. Also, the game’s producer, Kenji Yamamoto, has made it known that he plans to create a Hard Corp spin off series. So if this game captivates all you retro fans, be sure to expect more entries in the series. Just take a look at these screenshots and try to tell me your thumbs aren’t already involuntarily typing in the Konami code. Enjoy!

Written by Justin Spielmann

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  • This title looks awesome. I will buy it sometime down the road.

  • This looks amazing I can’t wait for it to come out. I love the Contra series even though I never beaten any of them.

    • Yes this will be an awesome game and i been finding more PSN games to be more fun than Disc based games. Maybe cause i like to play games in short play.

    • Anonymous

      I love Contra as well. It has that Mega Man-esque quality. You beat your head against the wall figuring out all the patterns and enemy tricks then you can run through a level flawlessly. I remember in Contra 3 on the SNES in the third level you face this giant blue robot skeleton thing and the first time I fought it I got toasted in seconds – all my lives gone, game over. Now playing that same boss last year I beat it without a scratch. I love achieving that level of mastery, very few games force you to make that kind of commitment.

  • This game was a total surprise when we played it at E3. I honestly didn’t expect much, but the new gameplay mechanics fit perfectly, and the fact that the folks behind BlazBlu are doing this one was quite obvious once you saw the art-style.

  • I actually started playing the Contra game since the Super Mario years! I was actually surprised about this new Contra game. It greatly changed the way I see the game but the original concept of the very first game is still used which is a great move for the developers.