Lara Gets Dirty and Tied Up In Latest Tomb Raider Screens

The recently announced Tomb Raider, developed by Crystal Dynamics and published by Square Enix Europe and Eidos, is definitely taking Lara in a new, darker direction. While Tomb Raider fans have heard all this “new direction” and “darker storyline” rhetoric before, here is a simple question, have you ever seen someone strung up like a Christmas turkey in a Tomb Raider game before? Didn’t think so. Based on the few screens below it looks like things are not going Lara’s way and she has run afoul of some sort of death cult. Please let them have a bald leader that chants “Kali Ma, Kali Ma.” But even up against these nasty foes Lara has expanded her arsenal from the standard handgun to include a bow and arrow, ice climbing axe, and a machete. While she’s not packing an arsenal, changing up Lara items certainly offers some interesting gameplay potential. While no release date has been announced it is expected that we will once again get to raid tombs with our favorite female icon sometime this year.

Written by Justin Spielmann

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  • This game looks very interesting and might bring the series back to life if all works well. Is that one screenshot her fighting a double of herself. HMMMMMMMMM

    • Anonymous

      I interpreted that figure in the shadows as a cultist who got Lara’s ice axe away from her, but a double would be interesting. However, a clone would seem out of place in the more realistic setting, maybe a rival tomb raider?

      And I would say that the series has been pretty good since Crystal D took it over. I enjoyed Legend, which was their first game back with the series. Though I agree that a solid entry now, with a lot of focus on third person action games, thanks to Uncharted, Gears, etc. could place Lara back at the top of the action genre heap.

      • I do like how the game looks in the screenshots. i liked 3 of the games in the series including the small Down loadable Lara croft game for the PS3. I will give this one a chance if all works out for them. Hey would there been a Uncharted if we had no Tomb Raider game.

        • Anonymous

          You are right, Nathan Drake owes a lot to Lara. Though Uncharted definitely focuses more on gunplay then Tomb Raider and Lara never really got the platforming assists that Uncharted 2 gave Drake. And it’s the platforming that has always been Tomb Raider’s strength – okay, the T rex in the mist from the original Tomb Raider was pretty freaking cool, too – hopefully Crystal D will focus on that. Notice that the screenshots don’t show massive gun battles.

          • I most likely will rent this game since i am on a low budget of 2 games this year. I really think this game will be good. i don’t care how people are judging that another franchise such as Squarenix is slapping their Name on the game will ruin it. that is rubbish. I believe that this game will hopefully bring back Tomb Raider to its roots also.

  • The concept art and screens give the reboot a really cool vibe. I just hope the gameplay isn’t lacking, because that’s what it comes down to in the end.