Work Those Angels With El Shaddai, Coming Soon to PS3

With all the Killzones, Resistances, inFamouses, Socoms, Twisted Metals, and Motorstorms coming our way this year (on top of a huge list of titles that I didn’t mention) it becomes easy to miss out on some great titles that perhaps do not get as much exposure or hype.

El Shaddai: ASCENSION OF THE METATRON is one of those titles.  Developed by a ‘dream team’ internal Japanese studio whose former credits include iconic multi-million selling franchises such as Devil May Cry, Resident Evil, and Okami, El Shaddai presents a familiar play-style, while twisting it around a unique tale, and sporting graphics more akin to Okami than Devil May Cry or Resident Evil.  This is a good thing, as games like Okami are in short supply.

Again, El Shaddai tells a unique story that is seldom, if ever, visited in the video game history, unless you count Bibleman’s video games:

In the beginning, God appointed a group of angels to watch over the world and humanity.  These angels were called the Grigori.  After eons of watching us partying and having a great time on Earth, the Grigori decided to descend to Earth and join in on it.  The Heavenly Council decided that this was not the way humanity was supposed to progress and decided to send a flood to wipe us out.  Hey, it’s not our fault that the Grigori could not control themselves.

Well fortunately for us, a human named Enoch, who was working for Heaven as a scribe (and reaping some serious 401k and health benefits, I might add), objected to this decision, and the council decided to revoke their judgment, should Enoch find and capture the rogue angels.  At this point, one would expect Enoch to say, “Hey, I didn’t sign up for this,” but fortunately for us, he decided to undertake this task, thus our game begins.  According to El Shaddai’s website, the story of El Shaddai is “a tale that was not permitted to be handed down through the ages.”   So consider the playing of this game to be a serious privilege.

All joking aside, the screenshots and footage to El Shaddai look amazing, and promise a gaming experience seldom visited in a generation raised on space marines and vehicular robbery.  El Shaddai is slated to be released in Japan on April 28, 2011, and we should be hearing about a North American release shortly.

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