Most Anticipated PlayStation 3 Games of 2011

Roughly the 3rd or 4th time I inappropriately mislabeled a document, form or check with the year 2010 I finally realized that it was, in fact, 2011.  Where did 2010 go?  How did I get from there to here?  Who invented liquid soap and why (obscure movie reference anyone)?  As I contemplated these life-altering questions it began to dawn on me that 2010 was a great year for gaming – as the more recent Golden Minecart awards can attest to.  But where 2010 was a solid year for gaming 2011 is shaping up to be truly epic.

When I first considered posting a most anticipated poll my initial strategy was to NOT limit it to just PlayStation exclusives.  I spent a fair amount of time putting together a comprehensive list of 2011 game releases – exclusives and non-exclusives alike.  The list, quite frankly, was unsettling – it was that good!  At one point I reached a list of more than 50 games scheduled to be released this year; and that was after being somewhat conservative.  To present this list in poll fashion would have been more than a little overwhelming to our faithful readers.

So, without further delay I present to you a list of PlayStation 3 exclusives.  Take in all its majesty, check your savings account to ensure adequate funding and let us know what your most anticipated PlayStation 3 games of 2011 are.  If your future Golden Minecart of 2011 (exclusive or otherwise) is missing from the list please, share with us by adding a comment.

Now, excuse me while I contemplate knocking off my local PDQ.  A man’s gotta game!

Written by Bill Braun

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  • I pretty much want them all. Ouch to my wallet.

  • Killzone 3 definitely. Obviously also very much interested in The Last Guardian, but we still know absolutely nothing about the game so it’s hard to really get excited about it.

  • I want them all, have to get Uncharted 3.. want to be in that multiplayer beta later in the year.
    Project Dark from the team the gave us the amazing Demon’s Souls.

    PSN ID: ChazzH69

  • Infamous 2 for me. I just got my Platinum in the original over the weekend (those 21 stunts gave me trouble but on my 3rd play-through I finally got them)

    PSN: JaguarCRO

  • 2011 may well be the best year in gaming ever!

  • All of this on top of the third-party games. L.A. Noire is supposed to come out in March. Poor Wallet.

    • Anonymous

      After Dead Space 2 L.A. Noir is at the top of my list. The facial capture technology is amazing. The developers are pushing the interrogation gameplay pretty heavily and I don’t think this would be manageable without the tech they have incorporated.

  • I can’t afford all so I just chose the ones that I am most hyped up for on the list.

  • Anonymous

    Your reading skills continue to amaze us all. The post headline is Most Anticipated PlayStation 3 Games of 2011. I didn’t realize Gears 3 was going cross-platform. With that said, I do agree that Gears of War 3 is another (non PS3) highly anticipated game.