The Latest UnderGarden Screenshots

The upcoming UnderGarden, developed by Vitamin G Studios and published by Atari, is looking to induce a feeling few other titles attempt, relaxation and calm. Based around simple puzzle solving, and sporting emergent sound design this PSN release has already drawn comparisons to Flow and Flower. Enjoy The UnderGarden screens below and try to get upset – you will fail. Scheduled for release this winter and, if the PC and XBLA versions are any indication, coming with a $10 price tag. For more information on The UnderGarden stay tuned to the PSNation podcast for a developer interview. And remember… relax.

Written by Justin Spielmann

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  • This looks like a game people that enjoyed flower will like.The game looks simple yet so beautiful like flower was. I will say it again games like this and other indie games are more for me. Don’t get me wrong I like AAA titles for find myself liking indie titles alot on my PSN and Steam store areas.

  • Just looking at the screenshots relax me, lol

    • After working 10-12 hrs a day I think this is the kind of game i like to play to relax my nerves.