MLB 11 The Show – Gameplay Footage!!

I just received permission from the team to post everyone’s first look at MLB 11 The Show from our Community Event at San Diego Studios.

What you’ll see is around 10 minutes of gameplay at Miller Park (which has actually been changed since this video was shot.) This is as close to direct-feed that we could get, so the quality is a bit less than perfect. Also, the audio was removed completely as all you could hear was us idiots talking in the background. This is NOT FINAL CODE, and was actually changing throughout the week that we were there. Some things to focus on are the updated player models (no more T-Rex) and the analog controls.

Watch and ENJOY! (Don’t forget to watch in HD)

Thanks SO much to the crew at SD Studios, and to Ramone Russell for extending the invite. 2011 is going to kick ass for Baseball!

Written by Glenn Percival

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