Behold Slam Bolt Scrappers Screens For All Your Builder in Sombrero With Jetpack Needs

Eclectic is a word that easily describes Slam Bolt Scrappers, the first title to be released from Fire Hose Games. Basically take anything that you’ve thought was awesome, weird, or quirky throughout your life and it probably shows up in Slam Bolt Scrappers. Giant robots that shoot eye lasers. Check. Oversized sombreros. Yup, they’re in there. Chicken riding demons. You bet. Check out the screens below for further awesome absurdity. Of course a menagerie of weirdness is always to be appreciated, but it wouldn’t mean anything without an interesting game mechanic to wrap it around. Slam Bolt Scrappers combines puzzle mechanics similar to Tetris or Lumines with a building mechanic reminiscent of the old SNES gem Metal Marines. Slap four red blocks together and out pops a missile launcher or connect four purple cubes to setup a laser array. Build up your tower and armaments while simultaneously trying to topple your opponents. Up to four players are supported in the co-op campaign, in addition to a competitive battle mode. No release date has been announced for this PSN exclusive beyond “coming soon.” For anyone who destroyed their Lego set thirty seconds after they completed building it, this is a game to keep an eye on.

Written by Justin Spielmann

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