Dead Nation’s Development Utilized Real-Zombie Research

Even though 2011 is prepping us for a huge surge of PlayStation exclusive content, gamers are still enjoying themselves, saving the world from the global zombie epidemic in Dead Nation.   Much like Housemarque’s previous PSN title, Super Stardust HD, Dead Nation is easy to pick up, but difficult to put down (you know…those games where you say, “Just one more level and I’ll go to bed.”).

If you have been following the game for a while, you already know what to expect from this great action title.  But did you know that the game was built with real-world zombie experience?  Oh sure, it’s easy to get coach Madden into your studio to record his voice and give some feedback on the defensive line in your sports title.  But how does a developer get a zombie game to feel and sound authentic?  Watch this hilarious development diary to find out.

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