About A Blob Hits PSN February 8th…

…and the world should be afraid.  After all, these blobs come from “OUTER SPACE”, and we all know that those are the worst kind of blobs.

At it’s heart, About a Blob is a side-scrolling platformer with puzzle elements.  The premise of the game is simply to get bigger by collecting and eating everything in your path.  Naturally, since you start off a small blob, your diet consists of smaller things, like dog food or meatballs.  But anyone who has ever experienced meeting a blob from outer space knows that the real aim for these abominations is a lot higher than what’s sitting on your dinner table.  Yeah…that’s right, these blobs can grow large enough to terrorize a city and destroy helicopters.

With powers ranging from slithering, jumping, and absorbing, to magnetic abilities, these fascinating-yet-terrible visitors have everything at their disposal to rain terror on our cities, farms, and backyards.  They are even able to spit out what they have absorbed (to cause more damage) and then reel the slimy substance back in with the “attract ability”.    Actually, in co-op mode, the little guys can pass objects back and forth between each other, completely dismissing the concept of “not playing with your food.”

The background art in About a Blob is beautiful, stylized, and a very strong feature in the game, (reminds me of Samurai Jack’s background style).   Guiding these little terrors around such fantastic environments is going to be a real treat when the game is released February 8th.  PlayStation Plus members can try the game’s demo on February 1st, and there will be a demo available to all the same day the game is released.

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