L.A. Noire Release Date

For some of us simply the name Rockstar Games conjures up memories of grabbing the biggest gun you can find, the fastest car, and leaving a fiery fingerprint on Liberty (or Vice) City. Well now Rockstar’s latest series, L.A. Noire, set in post World War II Los Angeles, is set to kick off this spring. Coming to North America on May 17th and Europe May 20th, L.A. Noire looks even more ambitious than Rockstar’s previous efforts. In addition to the standard car chases and shootouts players will be tasked with collecting clues, interrogating witnesses and suspects, and ultimately solving crimes. Step into the shoes of Cole Phelps, LAPD, and delve deep into the dark heart of Los Angeles during its Golden Age. Just remember discovering something and liking what you find are two different things.

Written by Justin Spielmann

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