Lock And Load For The Latest RAGE Screenshots

For gamers of a certain age and interest – specifically PC gamers in the 1990s – id Software releases were treated like religious events. Wolfenstein 3D, Doom, and Quake are names that not only reverberate across the landscape of videogames, but of pop culture in general. With the release of RAGE, their first new IP in over 15 years, id is hoping to capture some of the lightning in a bottle that helped them define the first person shooter genera.

Set in a desert wasteland that has seen better days, RAGE is stylistically trying to capture a similar vibe to Fallout: New Vegas and Borderlands. Even the character models, with their more graphic and less realistic look, are a middle ground between these styles. However, this is not simply a “me too” effort, id’s fingerprints are all over this release. RAGE uses the id Tech 5 engine and uses it exceedingly well, as the environments are packed with details and the character models look gorgeous. Also, the user interface is minimal and clean; it’s only a gun floating in front of you, classic id design. Take a gander at the screenshots below to see what I mean.

New IPs from id Software do not come around every day, so take notice and prepare for the September 13th release of RAGE.

Written by Justin Spielmann

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