Killzone Single Player Demo Coming to PSN In Three Weeks

Playing the Killzone 3 beta provided a great tease for the upcoming sequel, but it still left some questions unanswered.  How would the PlayStation Move handle?  How does 3D work with the game?  And what does the campaign mode feel like (since Killzone 2 set a bar in making the player feel as if they were part of a larger battle)?

Well, the wait is shortly coming to an end, as Sony has announced that a playable single player demo to the anticipated title will be available on February 15th (February 8th for PlayStation Plus members).  Not only will the demo provide a sampling of the campaign mode (set in the arctic environments of Helghan), but it will also be available as two separate downloads (one in 3D and one in 2D).  But even if you have a 3D television, you might want to give the 2D demo a shot too, as it has a split screen co-op mode available.

Killzone 3 will be available 02.22.11.

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