Blu-ray Releases: February 1, 2011

As a means to continually improve our little site for all things PlayStation we’ve decided to include a weekly listing of some of the highlighted Blu-ray releases.  Although this first week of February may not include too many notables, anytime I can reference a “skinny little runt named Dalton” is  good week in my book.

Here are some of the releases for Tuesday, February 1, 2011:

  • Alice in Wonderland (Disney – 1951)
  • Let Me In (2010)
  • Monsters (2010)
  • Hatchet 2 (2010)
  • You’ve Got Mail (1998)
  • 10 (1979)
  • Bad Boys (1983)
  • Ray (2004)
  • Highlander/Highlander 2 Collection (1986/1991)
  • Road House (1989)
  • Last House on the Left (1972)
  • Poltergeist 2: The Other Side (1986)
  • Heavy Metal (1981)
  • Robocop 2 (1990)
  • Robocop 3 (1993)

My pick for the week would have to be 1989’s Road House starring Patrick Swayze and the lovely Kelly Lynch.  It’s just one of those movies that’s so bad it’s good.  And with lines like – “Pain don’t hurt” and “I want you to be nice until it’s time to not be nice” – how can you go wrong.

Written by Bill Braun

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