Latest Trailer For Lord of the Rings: War in the North

Champions of Norrath and Champions: Return to Arms, these names should mean something to you if you were a hack and slash RPG player on the PS2. They were among the best Diablo-style RPGs on that platform. Now the developers of these modern classics, Snowblind Studios, are taking aim at one of the mega franchises of fantasy literature, the fabled Lord of the Rings. Many things stand out about this release in the Lord of the Rings universe. First, you aren’t playing as Frodo, Sam, or any of the other characters from the movies – so there is no need to worry about retreading familiar ground. Instead, as the trailer ably illustrates, you are fighting one of Sauron’s northern allies who has his sites set on Rivendell. You can play as a Ranger of the North Aragorn-style, use the magical prowess of the elves as a “loremaster of Rivendell,” or severe some limbs as a stout and able-bodied dwarf. While these roles will probably parallel the previous ranged, magic, and melee classes of past Snowblind games this latest title offers up some unique features. The most immediate distinction in the trailer is the slick visuals, utilizing the production designs of the film trilogy and expanding beyond to create a familiar world with some new surprises. One such addition in the trailer is a cadaverous mage of some sort –didn’t see him in the movies. Two major gameplay features new to the genre are branching dialog paths with associated moral ramifications, not unlike the Mass Effect series, and co-op play where you can regulate how much experience your partner gains. This should prove useful if you want to power level a friend so you are on equal footing. No price point or release date has been announced, but we can expect to be saving Rivendell sometime in 2011.

Written by Justin Spielmann

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