Project Dark Is Dead, Long Live Dark Souls

By the end of this year you will once again have a delightfully maddening From Software RPG to sink your teeth into. The newly titled Dark Souls, previously known as Project Dark, is the sequel to 2009’s sleeper hit Demon’s Souls and will build off of what made the previous title a darling among critics and gaming aficionados. Gone are the rigid regions to explore, instead replaced with a single, seamless map. Also biting the dust are character classes, a new deeper character customization system will take their place. The unique co-op and cooperative play of Demon’s Souls will be modified and expanded on. However, don’t worry about the difficulty, Dark Souls will still retain its predecessors love of punishing enemies and boss encounters that make you want to pull your hair out. We will keep you up to date on Dark Souls as more info gets released.

Written by Justin Spielmann

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