Double Fine Releases “Stacking” Today (Free For Plus Members)

Hot off the heels of Costume Quest, Tim Schafer and his team at Double Fine are set to release their new creative venture, Stacking, on the PlayStation store today.

Never ones to shy away from breaking away from the norm and expected genres of this generation, Double Fine once again brings something unique to the table.

Stacking is a game about Russian Matryoshka (Nesting Dolls). No…prior to this game I never knew what those were called, or where they came from. I just remember seeing animations with these things on Sesame Street when I was a kid.

What Schafer’s group has done with these unique little dolls is wrapped a puzzle/adventure game around them, with some interesting gameplay elements.

Stacking tells the story of a chimney sweeper named Charlie Blackmore. His quest is to reunite his family after they have been forced into servitude by an evil industrialist. And speaking of industry…these screen shots indicate some amazing attention to the period (1930’s) and industrial setting that the story takes place in.

So how do you play Stacking? Since Charlie is a nesting doll, he can stack inside of any doll who is one size larger than he is. But it’s not as simple a task as it may sound. Some stealth is required, in that you can only stack with a doll that is not facing you, so be prepared to get Solid Snake-ish on those dolls. Once inside your captured doll, you will be able to perform any ability that the new doll provides, allowing you to solve puzzles and move closer to your goal of rescuing your family. These challenges can be solved in various ways, so replay is encouraged.

PlayStation Plus members should be aware that Stacking will be available for free today only (February 8th), so snatch this unique titles before it’s too late. Regular price for the game will be $14.99.   It’s nice to see a new title being offered to Plus members for free.

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