Transformers: Dark Of The Moon Brings Some Good News For Fans

When we last left the robots in disguise, Megatron has lost half of his face, The Fallen had lost all of his face, and Optimus Prime had shown us that he had a homicidal side to him (what with the face-ripping and limb-severing).

Of course, Transformers has plenty of mythologies and the medias to represent each one of those myths, including the recently-premiered Transformers: Prime TV show.  But I’m referring to the second Transformer Live-Action movie, Revenge of the Fallen.

Wildly unpopular among Transformer fans and movie critics, the movie was accompanied by a video game counterpart (like most Summer flicks are these days).

While the Revenge of the Fallen game did little to break the “Movie Video Games Suck” mold that we are accustomed to, it still managed to do a few things right, which is more than could be said for other movie adaptations.  First of all, the game took some liberties with the transforming element of the game.  While disorienting at first, holding the transform button down in order to keep your character in vehicle mode made for some fun combat mechanics and combos, particularly when you took the battle online.  And this is actually where the game did a decent job.  Rolling into battle and seeing your buddies transform along side you was cool in itself, but using some of these new mechanics against your enemy was actually not bad at all.

So, now we have a new movie coming to theaters.  Transformers: Dark of the Moon is Michael Bay’s final movie in the series (to the joy of some and still the dismay of others).  And once again we have a video game tie in, to be released around the same time as the movie.

Except this time around there is some potential hope that the Dark of the Moon game will actually be good.  That hope comes in the name of one developer:  High Moon.  High Moon was responsible for the recent War for Cybertron game on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.  The game was met with critical success and broke a mold of it’s own: that of making a Transformers game that’s actually good (with much respect to the PlayStation 2 Transformers game, which was actually pretty damn awesome).

Not only do the folks at High Moon Studios have a certain respect and love for the Transformers franchise, but they have also demonstrated the ability to make a good game, as opposed to riding the wave of popularity for the robots in disguise.

Already they have announced that their game will employ Stealth Force, a new feature that allows for the Transformers to duke it out even when they are in vehicle mode.  War for Cybertron employed a similar feature.  Basically, transforming into a vehicle still yielded weapons and lateral maneuverability.  Sure it’s not in the old cartoons (where the characters were just cars), but they have to make the game fun, and what purpose would a vehicle mode serve without some defense mode… I mean, in a video game?

Another bit of good news is the fact that the game serves as a prequel to the upcoming movie.  What this means is that High Moon does not have to stick to a particular story that might otherwise limit what they can or cannot do with the characters.

High Moon has proven themselves with War for Cybertron.  They have also displayed their love of the franchise and, despite having less time than normal to finish a movie game, perhaps their experience with their previous title might yield some good results when the game is released this Summer.

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