Killzone 3 Helghast Edition – The Winner!

Only 6 people got all of the answers correct, and thanks to, one of those 6 is a winner.

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Thanks to everyone that entered. We haven’t received it yet, but if we get more than 1, we’ll definitely be giving that one away as well. Stay Tuned!

Your answers:

1. What is the full name of Glenn’s first Co-Host? (First and Last name) – Jarrod Johnston

2. What was the full URL to the first PS Nation Website? –

3. What occasional PS Nation co-host from the Joystiq crew is “from the future?” – Jem Alexander

4. What current Game Informer writer was a guest-host on PS Nation? – Phil Kollar

5. What PS nation Co-Host was also the Community Manager at – Joel Sherfinski

6. Name the 2 producers that cracked-us up for an hour while talking “Pain” – Jason Coker and Travis Williams

7. What game did Mark Platinum purely out of spite? – Last Rebellion

8. What 2 games has Deborah Mars joined us to talk about? – Fat Princess and PixelJunk Eden

9. Who did we interview on video at E3 2009 for Batman: Arkham Asylum? – Sefton Hill

10. What is Glenn’s favorite “Retro” console? – TurboGrafx 16

11. Who plays Just Cause 2 as if it’s the only game in existence? – Josh Langford

12. What game supposedly contained a “minecart level where the framerate suffered” even though it really didn’t? – Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune

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