Flashback Creator Brings “AMY” To PlayStation 3

The creator of classic games like Flashback and the Moto Racer series (Paul Cuisset) has a special treat for PlayStation fans.  It comes in the form of AMY, a PlayStation 3 exclusive Survival Horror game.

The year is 2034 (December to be somewhat exact).  Global warming has kicked our planet’s ass.  “WE DIDN’T LISTEN!”  Sickness is running rampant and natural disasters has left the world in ruin.  No less a victim of us not listening is the small town of Silver City, which was rewarded for our ignorance with a comet impact.  Lana (presumably our main character) wakes up to the madness that is the aftermath: violent outbursts, fury, rage, dogs and cats living together, mass hysteria!

Everyone she has ever known is now plagued by whatever virus has been circling the globe, and they have been reduced to a wild horde that threatens to end her life.  Lana is plagued by the virus as well, but her stubbornness refuses her to become one of them.  The title of the game “AMY” comes from the mysterious young defenseless girl who Lana must protect. She will be forced to make decisions that will affect both of their lives.

Infected humans, abominations, creatures, Special Forces and even other survivors will be among the encounters Lana will face.

While initially the game might read like a zombie flick, there are some unique elements that may single this game out of the traditional zombie genre that has now become commonplace.  For starters, the title of the game revolves around a mysterious young girl, so an intriguing story could be a strong element, and Flashback had a great storyline, especially for its time.

Keep an eye on PSNation for more information on AMY.

Source: www.electronictheatre.co.uk

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