GDC – Resistance 3 Session Report

The folks at Insomniac gave us an opportunity to play 2 demos of Resistance 3 today, one solely Single-Player, and one multiplayer against the game testers.

Single-Player demo:
Resistance 3 takes place 4 years after R2, and instead of taut military action, this time it’s all about survival. The Chimera have essentially “won” and now the remaining survivors are not only battling the Chimera, they’re fighting for their very existence. The demo takes place in Haven, Oklahoma, and Joseph Capelli stands alongside a squad of freedom fighters to hold-off a surprise attack by the Chimera long enough to allow his and the other families to escape via underground tunnels.

The demo is the same that was revealed about a month ago, and is incredibly intense. The first thing that we noticed were that the visuals and overall feel definitely harken back to what the first Resistance was, and this is a very good thing. The visuals have taken a nice leap forward, with environmental effects like wind and blowing debris. The textures and color palette are put to good use to give everything a worn-down and overgrown look and feel. Also redone are the character animations, which are completely fluid and react realistically to what’s happening.

The battle is frantic, as more and more waves of Chimera are dropped in. As you finally get to the point that you might actually win this battle, a huge brute of a Chimera enters the area by wiping-away cars that are blocking his path. If you use the thermal sights on the Auger, you’ll find his weak points, but he doesn’t make it easy. At one point while eJoel was playing, Joel got up onto a rooftop to get a better vantage point and possibly reload, unfortunately, the brute jumped-up onto the rooftop as well, and if one of his swipes catches your body, the player is flung about 100 feet back with a great visual effect.

The multiplayer is incredibly refreshing, as they’ve ratcheted things back to 16-players per map, no matter what mode you’re playing. Shown this time around was team deathmatch, as we all took the testers on. The first thing that struck us was the huge leap in visuals, as HDR lighting was put to good use, and things such as dust could be seen floating n the beams of light coming through the cracks in the ceiling, and amazingly crisp textures throughout. The framerate is fluid and fast, and the action is the same. 4 different canned loadouts were available to us, and you could also customize your own as well.

A carry-over from Resistance 2 is the booster system, with both passive and active available, and all specific to which race you’re using. An example of the passive boosters would be different abilities such as improved “shoot from the hip” accuracy or improved health, while active boosters include laying ammo down for teammates or leaving a holographic decoy that also appears on the radar. These are all selectable with the d-pad and very easy to use. Another fun addition are Berzerks at certain point in killstreaks. Examples of that would be the ability to cloak as a Chimera, or an Electric Riot Shield as a human, all of which are incredibly effective.

All-in-all, Resistance 3 is really shaping-up to being a killer game experience for 2011. I was enjoying multiplayer so much that they actually kicked us off the game at the end of the session. The switch back to 8v8, in my opinion, was the definite right way to go. I loved the fast and frantic action, and I can’t wait to play it again.

Written by Glenn Percival

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