Play A Role In Resistance 3

Resistance 3 is on the horizon and this time around you can get your ugly mug in the game.  Nah, I’m not talkin’ about seeing your name in the credits, or a wanted poster in the Chimera-destroyed city.  I’m talking about a contest that lets you actually playing a role in Resistance 3 (complete with getting your face scanned for 3D model incorporation).  In addition to this, the winner will get the chance to meet the development team at Insomniac Games and pick their brain about Resistance 3.  Winner is encouraged to contact us with any juicy information.

You only have until March 11th to participate, but the rules are simple enough.

Visit and upload a photo of yourself in the middle of a Resistance style battle (or looking like you just survived one).  The more authentic use of props and environment, the better.  So, as much as Photoshop doesn’t seem to be against the rules, I’m sure they are looking for you to bust your butt a little and create and awesome set piece.

For more information check out the blog post on the the subject:

Looking forward to seeing one of you in the game, this September.

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