Meet Katherine Marlowe

Soon you will learn to hate…or love… her unforgettable charm.  If you are Nathan Drake, however; the former will probably the case.  If you are Victor Sullivan… you probably won’t know how to feel.

Still, if you are a gamer awaiting news about Uncharted 3, then let me introduce you to your new nemesis.

No, she is not pleasant, and if you want to see how she might be making your life a living hell, come November 1, 2011, then check out the amazing video below. According to the PlayStation Blog, Katherine Marlowe is after Drake’s ring (the one he wears around his neck, that previously belonged to Sir Francis Drake). She is a member of a society that dates back to the times of Queen Elizabeth I. As for what she needs with this ring is any one’s guess. But I’m sure it has nothing to do with giving you a pleasurable mine-kart experience (unless that experience involves dying at the end).

This video was showcased at GDC in addition to playable 3D footage, which from what I’ve heard, looked amazing.

Uncharted 3 will be released in 8 months, and every video and piece of information released makes those 8 months less and less tolerable.

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