Ape Escape’s Return Is On The Move

While there have been a few appropriate application for the PlayStation Move controller, one game that truly feels like it was designed for Move (years and years before the Move Controller was even a twinkle in Richard Marks’ eyes) is Ape Escape.  Yeah, remember the game where you would run around trying to trick and capture monkeys with spinning red lights on their heads?  Ultimately you would swing a net at them to deliver the finishing capture move.

It was a fun title back in the day, and with today’s announcement, it’s coming back and fully supporting the Move.  With over 15 new levels, players will be able to use their motion controller and watch it change into various gadgets (whatever it takes to captures those unruly apes).  With 500 monkeys out there to capture, this new title will feature a “MonkeyPedia”,  which will help you keep track of the primal madness.

PlayStation Move Ape Escape will be available via the PlayStation Network this Summer.

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