Latest LA Noire Trailer

Rockstar has had an amazing track record over the last decade, mostly built on a swath of dead bodies and destruction perpetrated by the likes of guys named CJ, Niko, and John Marston. Now it is ready to unleash its most daring title yet with LA Noire and gameplay that is more focused on your cerebral skills, not your itchy trigger finger. The latest “Investigations and Interrogations” trailer ably demonstrates why LA Noire is a whole new animal. You still can drive across a bustling city, but this time you are more likely headed to a crime scene to investigate and grab clues, instead of a neighborhood shootout to fill miscreants with lead. Using gathered clues to your advantage in interrogations is key, as noted in the trailer asking the wrong question or misinterpreting a gesture can derail an otherwise “by the book” investigation. Investigating a scene seems to be more involved than the Norman Jayden sections of Heavy Rain, i.e., everything isn’t spelled out for you. The most impressive aspect of the trailer is the acting, and by acting I don’t mean just the voice acting, but the complete performance. Every twitch, gesture, and mannerism is modeled down to the shifting eyes of a character being interrogated. The characters even walk differently, which is a minor detail, until you realize you’ve never seen that in a game before. LA Noire looks to be Rockstar’s attempt at evolving beyond its open world, bang-bang-your-dead gameplay of old and I for one couldn’t be more excited. Look for LA Noire when it hits store shelves May 17th.

Written by Justin Spielmann

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